Print GoWeb Image


I am using GoDiagram Web 2.6.2 for .NET 2.0. I want to take Print of the images which is generated by GoWeb.
How Shall I implement the printer function in my application?

Use the GoPrintView WebControl on a separate ASPX page.

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Thanks for response. Now I am able to Produce GoWeb image in another window.

But now I am facing new problem. These images are splitting into so many parts and displaying one upon one. I want to display image in single screen.

I want to set the image as per my page, for eg I am using A3 size page so the Image should display as per A3. If I am using A4 so the Image should display as per A4.

Tell me how to do that?



The documentation tells you about the properties you can set to get the effects you want. Just remember that code on the server can’t know about anything on the client unless you tell it. That includes the size of the browser window, as well as the paper size of the selected printer.