Print scale

I printed the demo view from JGoSWT 5.1, the print looks about 25% bigger than what shows on my computer screen. Some labels became vertical, for example, “test subgraph2” ->

I want to print the view the same as what I see on the screen. thanks,

That’s been fixed in 5.2.*

I have bought 5.1, is there any workaround?

Try replacing your copy of with:

thanks! that solves the vertical text issue. although the printed map is still bigger, i can fix it by overwritting getPrintScale method. But I want to know if the scale is screen resolution related.

Another problem is the memory usage. The map I printed is in one page, it has only 3 subgraphs and 10 nodes in them. But it takes 127M memory to print. Any help?

I know it’s better in JGo 5.2, but off hand I don’t recall any particular changes we made to printing. So the differences might be due to using SWT 3.2. In particular, subgraphs are drawn much more efficiently using the new alpha-blending functionality in SWT 3.1+.