Print Text Not Showing Up

I am having a problem with printing my diagrams. Nodes with text in the form of TextBox controls or Labels seem to not appear on the print out. The wrest of the node does appear fine and text in TextBlocks controls in the nodes will appear on the print out. Is there any setting or problem that can effect the text in Labels and Textboxes on nodes to not appear when printed?

What platform are you targeting and what version of GoXam are you using?

.Net 4.0 and GoWPF version

I changed the header of the node DataTemplate in the EntityRelationship sample to be a TextBox instead of a TextBlock, and it worked fine.

Here’s a screenshot:

Here’s a screenshot of XPS viewer of the printed diagram:

So the TextBox showing “Products” appears in the printed output.

Maybe there’s some other difference?

Looks like the problem is caused by a visual style applied to the docking manager that contains the diagram.