Printing a large diagram that is contained in a Vuejs component from the host page

In the diagram printing examples on the Nwoods site, the print action and diagram are all on the same page. we have divided our vuejs SPA app to have a dedicated component for diagram and other sibling components for reports. The print control must happen on the host page, App.vue. The examples all use diagram.makeSvg() or diagram.makeImage(). I tried to create a diagram on the host page but could not because I already have the same diagram in the child component. Is this possible what we are trying to do? If so, how?

So the Diagram is on a different page than the one that is printed.

OK, so somehow you need to pass the SVG or image between pages. There are lots of ways of doing that. Some involve going through the server; some involve postMessage; some involve going through the window.parent or window.opener.