Printing Diagrams AND Properties

Hello All-
I’m new to the forum, thank you for having me.
We’re using GoDiagram to build nodes, each of which has a set of properties that are associated with it. We’d like to build in the functionality to print our diagram and the properties of each node in the diagram in such a way so as to allow the reader of the printed document to easily see the relationship between the nodes and their corresponding properties. Make sense?
Has anyone else here tried to do something similar? Any suggestions on how best to tackle this issue?

Could you just use a GoComment or GoBalloon to annotate each node? You could even use more than one, for each category of “property”, perhaps with different background colors or fonts.
You could even put all of those annotations into a separate GoLayer, whose GoLayer.AllowView and .AllowPrint properties you can set the way you want.