Printing freezes Applet

From my applet, I choose to print the top level view. Then, while the print dialog is on my screen, I don’t select YES or NO, but rather, go to the bottom of my screen and click on the applet’s Windows task bar menu item. This brings my applet to the foreground and the print dialog disappears behind the applet.
At this point, the applet freezes and the only remedy I have is to use Task Manager and kill the task.
My code does…
AppAction PrintAction = new AppAction(printTitle, this) {
public void actionPerformed(ActionEvent e) { getView().print(); }
public boolean canAct() { return super.canAct() && super.isActive();} };
I had this issue with another sub-dialog, but passing a parent into the dialog prevented the issue. Notice…
PrerequisiteDlg dlg = new PrerequisiteDlg( parent, rowItemID, rowItemName, rowPreReq, itemList );
With the first chunk of code though, I don’t have a dialog that we created to pass a parent. I’m unsure how to ensure that the focus will be on the print dialog until an action is taken on it because I’m unsure how to modify that code or force the issue?
Any help?

Which version of JGo are you using? In version 5.0 (but I’m not sure which baselevel) we changed JGoView.print() to do the printing in a different thread, along with disabling the getTopLevelAncestor() and then re-enabling it afterwards.

Turns out it was the java plugin version. I was using a version of 1.4.2, but upgrading to 1.5.0 solved my issues. Thanks anyway.