Printing GoText problem

Here’s the code I’m using:
GoText _Text = new GoText();
_Text.Selectable = false;
_Text.Text = (_Name != null) ? _Name : “”;
_Text.FontSize = 8;
_Text.Alignment = MiddleLeft;
_Text.AutoResizes = false;
_Text.Clipping = true;
_Text.StringTrimming = StringTrimming.EllipsisCharacter;
_Text.Width = 50;
The problem is when the text is long and being trimmed, it’s displayed ok on the GoView, but is empty on the printPreview and on the printing itself.
if I remove the line:
_Text.StringTrimming = StringTrimming.EllipsisCharacter;
everything is ok.
How can I use the trimming feature and still see it correctly on the prints.

What version are you using?


I’m guessing that this is just another manifestation of the annoying behavior that System.Drawing (GDI+) has which causes nothing to appear when there isn’t enough vertical height for any text. That’s true for interactive drawing as well as when printing. Your case seems to be one where the text is tall enough for viewing interactively, but not tall enough when printing with the set of fonts that you are using.
Adding the statement:
was enough to make it show on my machine.
This requires further investigation, but perhaps the above work-around is good enough for you now.

Think work-around works for me.