Problem of Selecting Bezier GoLabeledLink

(GoDiagram 2.4)
I used GoLabeledLink with Bezier style , which was connected to GoBasicNode.
Even when the mouse is clicked inside the GoBasicNode (quite far away from its boundary), a lof of times the node cannot be selected, instead the link connected to it is selected, which is quite annoying in my program.
I guess in the Pick method of GoLink, when its style is Bezier, the test area is too large so that even when the mouse is clicked far away from the stroke, the link is selected.
I can assure this problem is not caused by a large PickMargin, the PickMargin is always 3.0.
So how can I override Pick method of GoLabeledLink to make the Pick method more presize, when its style is Bezier?

Picking of large Bezier-style strokes/links was improved in version 2.5. That’s the easy solution.

If you want to change the behavior in version 2.4, you'll need to define a GoLink-inheriting class that overrides the Pick method, and use an instance of that in your GoLabeledLink, perhaps by overriding GoLabeledLink.CreateRealLink.

Thanks, walter.