Problem related to XML + Property Grid

Hello Jake

Thanx for suggestion.
I have tried to solve the problem. But I am not getting the required output.
I am trying to make a application like Flowcharter and using a ProsFrom Form for Property grid which is used in Demo1 application.
I am discussing my problem in details.
1) If a user select the a node(suppose Start, Round) and press F4 key then a propery grid open , user want to changed the SIZE, Color of node and any property that shows in property grid. At runtime all property change by the user should be affected on selected node.
2) After all changed done by end user. When user save that layout all property of node or link should be saved in XML format.
3) When user open the XML file that saved . When user want to change the properties of selected node then that should be able changed and after saving that layout changed prperties reflected in XML file.
4)Is a end user able to change Pen and Brush properties of a selected node . If not then what I should be do for that.
Please Suggest where I am wrong or what I have to do for that problem.
It is possible or not in GoDiagram. Can you provide such type of Demo.
It is very urgent.
Thanks In Advance.

Can you post the XML you are saving?

This a simple a saving a layout in xml.

In the above xml file I set Pen and Brush color of node at design time.
this.Background = new GoRoundedRectangle(); this.Background.Selectable = false; this.TopPort.IsValidFrom = false; this.LeftPort.IsValidFrom = false; this.Pen = Pens.Aquamarine; this.Brush = Brushes.Aqua; this.Text = "Step"; break;
that why you see the penwidth="1" color="-16777216" BrushColor="-2894893" in XML file . But I want to save that Properties Dynamically.
I want to set the Brush and Pen at rumtime by the help of Property Grid.
and other all Properties of a GoShape or user define shape .
I want an end user able to change all properties releted to the specific GoShape throught the help of properties grid .
After that change , When a end user save that layout then all properties should be save in XML file .
When a End User open that Layout that should be appear as that one save .
Jake, Now I hope u are got my problem very well.
If it is possible then please provide a demo related to my requrement.

I think if you look at the GraphML.cs code in OrgCharter, you’ll find code that meets your requirements. Note OrgCharter doesn’t actually have any UI to see the pen & brush settings, but the support is there to save such changes if you “save as” type .graphml.

Yes, you can adapt the WriteShapeData and ReadShapeData methods that are in the GraphML implementation for your own use. To simplify things, don’t use the WriteData implementation, since you can just write/read those attributes directly in your XML elements, rather than write them as nested elements as the GraphML specification requires.

Also, for letting users edit the colors and pen properties, you could try using the ColorControl and PenControl controls that are in Northwoods.Go.Draw.dll. These are still being worked on for the next release, but you can use them now (v2.6.2) if you want.

I want to show the propoerty grid just as in the
Thanx in Advance

There’s a sample of that in Demo1. Run the program and hit F4.

I want to send a module that I have made for achieving this functionality.
but here in this forum there is not a facility for uploading a zip folder.

can u provide forum member(Technical Support) mail ID so that I can send it to u.

Send to GoDiagram at this domain.