Problem to saving in Xml

Hi to all
I am a GoProgrammer. I implement the Collapse/ Expand feature in my Network Diagram Layout . I Save that Network Diagram in a File in XML Format.
I Facing prolem when Again open the saved Network diagram , then Collapse and expand feature which is not affected on that Network Diagram. For Example I am showing Network DiagrramLayout when I saved in XML File.
After saving above Network Diagram in a file , When I open that Network Diagram then Collapse /expand feature is not affected .As shown follows:-
Can It is Possible to Implement Collapse/Expand Feature in Xml file when I saved that .. Please suggest me what new thing implemented for that.
It is Very Urgent .
Thankx In Advance.

Are you using the Northwoods.Go.Xml assembly to read and write your XML? If so, you will need to create an XmlTransformer class associated with your collapsible node class (see chapter 8 of the GoDiagram User Guide “XML and SVG” for more details.

If you are doing this and have already created an XmlTransformer class for your collapsible nodes, please post the relevant code from that class.