Problem with Binding to an array

Hi! I have a node with several ports that i would like to encapsulate in a property that is an array. My idea (doesn’t work) was create a property in Unit class, like this one:

<span =“Apple-tab-span” style=“white-space:pre”> protected bool[] _inBitOutput;
public bool[] InBitOutput //property that is an array
get { return _inBitOutput; }
if (_inBitOutput != value)
bool[] old = _inBitOutput;
_inBitOutput = value;

                RaisePropertyChanged("InBitOutput", old, value);

On XAML i would create bindings like:
< … Text="{Binding Path=Data.InBitOutput[0], Mode=TwoWay}" … />
< … Text="{Binding Path=Data.InBitOutput[1], Mode=TwoWay}" … />
< … Text="{Binding Path=Data.InBitOutput[1], Mode=TwoWay}" … />

And finally in my code i will just update my property like

InBitOutput[0] = true;
InBitOutput[1] = true;

I try to look in the examples like the DynamicPorts but if i understood correctly this example has a collection of the classe that enables to have multiple ports. I would like to have just one class with a collection of the same property!
Thanks in advance for your support!

The main problem I see is that the Array type does not implement INotifyCollectionChanged, so setting some array index value produces no notifications that the WPF system can use.

That’s why the DynamicPorts sample uses ObservableCollection.

Thanks Walter. I solved the problem using the
ObservableCollections, as you suggested