Problem with GoSubgraph and GoPort.PortOb


I have a problem with GoSubgraph and GoPort.PortObject.

I have a GoObject (named obj1) along with a GoPort (port1) with port1.PortObject = obj1.

This causes any links to port1 to circle around obj1.

The problem is when obj1 is inside a GoSubgraph and the subgraph is collapsed, the link should circle around the collapsed group. But it doesn’t.

Do you have any sugestion to accomplish this?



Are you using a GoSubGraph.CollapsedObject? If so, perhaps you could set the GoPort.PortObject to refer to the CollapsedObject in an override of FinishCollapse, or back to the original value in FinishExpand.

This is exactly what I’ve done and it worked.

Thanks a lot.