Problem with Internal Frames


I suspect I have a problem related to the internal frame processing that JGO performs with JRE1.3.
I observe the following behaviour:
An internal frame is automatically opened when my app. starts up. This includes a jgoview component which renders a document correctly. The nodes contain text objects (which need the internal frame to be visible in order to size them).
If I close this frame and then open another instance of it, the rendering fails, I get a message about text components requiring their container to be visible.
Any thoughts. The initial frame and subsequent frames are opened in EXACTLY the same way…


This is from the JGo README file:
There are a number of Java bugs when using JInternalFrame or JTabbedPane,
dealing with focus and responding to events. You may need to get the latest
JDK. See the User’s Guide and source code for how JGo tries
to handle JInternalFrame problems, and Java Developer Connection bugs:
4193463, 4217944, 4221037 (JTabbedPane)
4218515, 4292342, 4337114 (JInternalFrame)
and others involving drag-and-drop and focus and events.


OK, I’ll have a look at the source.
What version of JDK/JRE do you recommend?
It’s unlikely that we will be able to control our user’s desktop environment, i.e. we will be constrained to their existing JRE1.3.x environment.
Is their any workarounds that we could put in place to help alleviate these issues (additional Swing API calls?)


1.4.1 or 1.4.2.
I check tested 1.5 and that seems OK, but I can’t say I’ve had much experience with it


OK, I’ve asked my colleagues to test this out with JRE1.4.2.

No other workarounds for JRE 1.3 that I could put in place ?


Hmmm. I didn’t read your original note carefully enough. I suspect you are encountering another problem, one that we can control.
Call JGoGlobal.setup() before you create any JGoViews.


Thanks very much, that appears to have fixed my problem.