Problem with LayeredDigraphLayout node layer

I’m using LayeredDigraphLayout model to create tree. Sometimes i need to add a new link to the parent node.
When I add new link, the tree looks good.

But if i expand some node (or collapse and expand app) - it’s look like at the picture:

How can I have a tree layout like on the first picture?

If your graph is actually tree-structured, it would be better to use TreeLayout because it has a lot more features that can apply when one assumes the graph forms a tree, and also because it is vastly faster than LayeredDigraphLayout as one scales up to larger graphs.

Certainly when using TreeLayout, it would be beneficial to set go:Part.LayoutId="None" on those blue links. I’m not sure about whether that would help if you continue to use LayeredDigraphLayout.

Thanks for your reply.

I add new link in codebehind dynamically with:
myDiagram.Model.AddLink(from, null, to, null);
How can i set Part.LayoutId=“None” in this case?

Either use a data Binding in your Link DataTemplate, or use a separate DataTemplate in your Diagram.LinkTemplateDictionary, in which case you can set the Category on the link data in order to choose the corresponding template.

i’ve tryied to use Diagram.LinkTemplateDictionary, but i can’t understand, how i can set Category, when a add link with myDiagram.Model.AddLink(from, null, to, null)
Can i add link another way?

Oh, I see what you are asking about. Yes, that’s right – you cannot use that overload of the GraphLinksModel.AddLink method. But you can use the other overloaded method: GraphLinksModel.AddLink(LinkType). That way you can create and initialize the link data object in whatever manner you like.

Thank you. It works. But now i use GraphMode and all links added automatically, if i use GraphLinksMode, i have to add links in code. If i understand you correctly.
And I have another question.
if i’m using TreeLayout instead LayeredDigraphLayout links not look such good. Links must look like on the first picture, But now I have:

I found the answer the second question, but the first is actual. I sometimes want to add links like object, but basically i want its created automatically.

GraphModel only has references between node data objects; GraphLinksModel has separate link data objects, so that you can have as many properties as you like and so that you can distinguish between different link relationships.

Thank you for your time and attention!