Problem with port creation

I am trying to create node with multiple ports. Actually, I’ve found a working code from other project and trying to adapt that by using almost same code.

What I’m doing, creating an empty model at the beginning and adding nodes programmatically using addNodeData(). I am using same makeTemplate and makePort from my reference project.

But, I’m getting a broken node like below:

Where, nodes in the reference project is okay like below:

Am I messing with the model?
Thanks for your time!

No, it’s almost certainly a problem with how you organize the panels in the node template.

Thanks @walter! Changing of offx for Spot value fixes this.

But, as I mentioned I am using same nodeTemplate & makePort for which everything works fine except this issue. I am confused why it could be make a difference?

It seems unlikely to me, but I guess it depends on what the data properties are and what their values are, as well as what the template is.