Problem with preview

Hello there! I have a problem with print preview, the nodes, I fall below the preview, as I show in the image.
Attached code and image

System.Windows.Controls.ComboBoxItem ComboItem = (System.Windows.Controls.ComboBoxItem)comboTipoHoja.SelectedItem;
				if (ComboItem != null)
					String tag = ComboItem.Tag.ToString();
					String[] arrayTag = tag.Split(',');
					pp.PrintableArea = new Size(Int64.Parse(arrayTag[0]) * 3.779527559, Int64.Parse(arrayTag[1]) * 3.779527559);
					pp.IsPreviewEnabled = true;

I’m sorry, but I cannot tell what’s going on in your app. What’s pp? Can you describe more precisely what the problem is?

El problema es que en el diagrama cuando quiero ver la vista previa me aparecen esos cuadros que mostre en la primer imagen, dichos cuadros deberian aparecer debajo de los nodos y enlaces, sin embargo ahora aparecen sobre los nodos y enlaces lo que hace que no vea nada de lo que esta por debajo.
Me explico?

So there are some nodes (and links) in your diagram that the user cannot see because the big grid is in front of those nodes?

Then I would put that big grid part in the “Background” Layer. Just set or bind the Node.LayerName.

Exactamente! hay nodos y enlaces que no se ven porque estan atras. Me podrias dar un ejemplo de como implementar la solucion?

From my previous reply:

but the PreviewingPrintManager has not a property Node.LayerName

That, and any other attached properties that belong to Nodes other than dealing with ports, go on the root element of the node DataTemplate.

Hola Walter disculpa pero no entiendo cual seria la solucion…

If you search the samples, you’ll find examples of setting Part.LayerName or Node.LayerName. There is also discussion about this in the “Layers” section of the GoXamIntro document.