Problem with selecting child in GoGroup

Hi all,

I have following problem:

I have GoGroup, and few children objects inside it. Children objects are placed from left to right. All children are positioned in overriden LayoutChildren method.
(you can imagine GoGroup as grid and children as columns in grid ).

Every time when I add a new child (column) to group to last position, it is not possible to select it.


(I can select all object inside red border, column 3 is not selectable)

It seems that PickObject method (used for selecting) uses old Bounds.

Any idea why it happens?

So, clicking either Column1 or Column2 will select both columns, but clicking Column3 does nothing? Do you have a subgroup around Col1 and Col2 that Col3 isn’t part of perhaps?

Every Column is SubGroup, columns parrent is graph. Only way to select column 3 is to click, in very narrow part of it inside the red border (previous bounds of Grid i think).

(Border is drawn by my just to show which parts is selectable it is not part of diagram).

OK, I’m glad you made the comment about the red border, I thought that was your selection highlight.

I think it will be faster if you just email me your code and I take a look at it.
send to "godiagram" at this website's domain.