Problem with trial license

I have an runtime error: The license for this copy of GoDiagram is invalid or has expired. But the License Manager shows: development expiring 2016-9-5. By the way, I typed the unlock code for extra 30 days that I’ve got by mail and the error still occurs. What’s wrong?

Are you getting the runtime licensing error on this same development machine where you have an evaluation license?

No, I change the machine.

If you copy the application to a different machine, then you are deploying it. You’ll need a development license for that to work. Although you could install an evaluation license on that other machine too, so that the application will run with a watermark.

I installed an evaluation license in this machine too, I tried the unlock codes again, but I still get the runtime license error.

Does your application run, with watermark/reminder, on your original development machine?

Yes, it runs with watermarks/reminder.
I tried to unistall and install again, but didn’t work to. There is a registry key that lock the license?
It didn’t work even when I start a new appication.

You need to purchase a license so that you can compile a license key into your applications in order to be able to deploy them to other machines.

With reference to “install an evaluation license” does this simply mean download and install the msi, or is there any further actions required??

Yes, installing the GoDiagram kit (i.e. the MSI file) is one way to install an evaluation license.

Another way is to copy the LicenseManager.exe to that machine, run it, select GoDiagram Win (if that’s what you are using), click Enter Unlock Codes, enter “eval” (without the double quotes), and exit out.


For evaluation, does one have to explicitly set some license keys in the Application_Start method?

The GoWeb.GoView constructor is throwing an exception telling there’s no valid license key.


The eval license is installed in the registry under a user account (HKCU). If you are trying to run under full IIS (instead of the debug environment) there is probably no eval key for the IIS account. Just copy the Northwoods entries to the appropriate account. (or so what Walter suggests above if you can log in to that account)