Problem with width of GoText editor

I am using a GoText in my application and my view can have
multiple GoText instances side by side. The problem is that when I edit
the text, the editing control that comes is wider than the
GoText instance that is being edited and hides the text of
GoText object very next to it on the view.
Is there any way to control the width of text editor to the width
of the GoText being edited? I tried the following override but
it is not working.

public override void DoBeginEdit(GoView view)
// get the Control for the Editor created

System.Windows.Forms.Control ctrl = this.Editor.GetControl(view);
if (ctrl != null)
m_TextBox = ctrl as System.Windows.Forms.TextBox;
m_TextBox.Bounds = Rectangle.Round(this.Bounds);

Try this… (in your GoText derived class)

    public override GoControl CreateEditor(GoView view) {
      GoControl c = base.CreateEditor(view);
      c.Bounds = this.Bounds;
      return c;