Problems with copy and paste

I’ve must make a difference between serialization to my data-file and serialization for Copy and Paste.
Is there a way to do so?

I know exactly what do to for making a functional copy of my node! Isn’t there a way to bypass the serialization?

You can override CommandHandler.CopyToClipboard and PasteFromClipboard to do whatever you want or need, including not actually touching the Windows Clipboard at all or using one or more data formats.

Presumably you are serializing your model in your own manner, yes? You don’t have to use the built-in serialization that .NET provides.

Thank you,
I will try it.
Must I override Copy and Paste too?

CommandHandler.Copy and CommandHandler.Paste are the implementations of the corresponding commands. I suppose you could override those methods if you need to, but the point of the CommandHandler.CopyToClipboard and CommandHandler.PasteFromClipboard methods is to isolate the implementation of dealing with saving/loading data from the Clipboard or its substitute.

The commands do a lot of bookkeeping stuff that you probably don’t want to have to duplicate.