Problems with Layout

Hi!, I’m having some problems when I implement some layout. One is that by implementing TreeLayout some arrows overlap, as shown in the image. Is there any way to avoid this overlap?

There are examples that show you one TreeLayout and one with GridLayout.



myDiagram.Layout = new GridLayout();


        TreeLayout tl = new TreeLayout();
        tl.Conditions = LayoutChange.NodeSizeChanged;
        tl.TreeStyle = TreeStyle.LastParents;
        tl.Arrangement = TreeArrangement.Horizontal;
        tl.Angle = 90;
        tl.LayerSpacing = 35;
        tl.AlternateAngle = 0;
        tl.AlternateAlignment = TreeAlignment.Start;
        tl.AlternateNodeIndent = 10;
        tl.AlternateNodeIndentPastParent = 1.0;
        tl.AlternateNodeSpacing = 10;
        tl.AlternateLayerSpacing = 30;
        tl.AlternateLayerSpacingParentOverlap = 1.0;
        myDiagram.Layout = tl;

GridLayout ignores any link relationships.
Apparently your graph is not tree-structured, or else it would have done a better job. If you don’t set any TreeLayout properties other than Angle, what result do you get?

Try using LayeredDigraphLayout, probably with Direction=90.

Perfect! Thank you and with the other diagram is there any option?

Which other diagram? Or do you mean some other kind of graph structure in your diagram? I don’t know what you have and what you want.
If you haven’t read, I do recommend that you do so, so that you can learn about a lot of the possibilities.

Then you can read the sources for the samples to see more examples, and you can read the API documentation for details:

yeah, I was reading, but I found nothing regarding GridLayout (), my idea is to order a timeline (as in the first figure of my question) without overlapping links. Is there any way? I could not find anything about this in the documentation.

Didn’t LayeredDigraphLayout produce reasonable results for you?