Problems with links between nodes

Hi, I’m having a problem connecting some nodes via links. When the connection is made, they overlap over the nodes. How can I avoid this? Thanks in advance.

That’s how it looks.


I need something similar to this.


That’s my linkTemplate code

 this.dia.linkTemplate =
  { routing: go.Link.AvoidsNodes,
    corner: 15 },   
  $(go.Shape, { toArrow: "Standard" })

 public diagramLinkData: Array<go.ObjectData> = [
{ from: "311", to: "314" },
{ from: "311", to: "315" },
{ from: "311", to: "316" },


Set fromSpot and toSpot on either the Links or on the Nodes. Please read:

Great, that keeps them from overlapping. Is there no way that the lines resemble the design I need?

At the moment, it looks like this:


Just as with fromSpot and toSpot, there are several possibilities, depending on what circumstances you need to handle and what appearances and effects you want to convey. You’ll want to set the Shape.stroke and maybe the Shape.strokeWidth. And set Link.curve to go.Link.Bezier. Please read for some ideas.

Okay, Walter, I’ll check it out. Thanks.