Problems with ToSpot/FromSpot settings and layout

Hi GoXam fans!

I want to display a simple bus topology. Each node has 2-4 ports each located on seperate sides.
Now I apply a TreeLayout which produces the result below (green = layouted by goxam, red = desired):

My problem:
I would the links to leave the bottom/top ports downwards/upwards (see red links). Therefore I set the properties go:Node (see the xaml-code below).

Whatever I do I’m not able to influence the direction the link leaves the port.

My Treelayout:
var layout = new TreeLayout();
layout.Alignment = TreeAlignment.Start;
layout.DoLayout(Bus.Nodes, busLinks);

Part of xaml-file:

<vw:PortControl Visibility="{Binding Path=Data.TopPort, Converter={StaticResource portToVisibilityConverter}}" go:Node.PortId="{Binding Path=Data.TopPort}" go:SpotPanel.Spot=“0.5 0” Color=“Green” AdornerPosition=“Bottom” Style="{StaticResource connectorStyle}" go:Node.FromSpot=“TopCenter” go:Node.ToSpot=“TopCenter”/>

Thank you for your help.

Sorry for the bad subject. How can I set it to “Problems with ToSpot/FromSpot settings and layout”.

I edited the topic subject for you.

I think you also need to set TreeLayout.SetsPortSpot=“False” and SetsChildPortSpot=“False”. Those two properties are normally “True”, so it will set the Link.Route.FromSpot and ToSpot to be spots that are reasonable for the TreeLayout.Angle. In your case you seem to have the Angle=“0”, so that means the Links are routed from the middle left and to the middle right spots.

I hope that gets you what you want. But there might be other considerations that could interfere.

Thank you very much. This leads to the desired results.