Pure curiosity


With a colleague, we were wondering: how many people are developping GoDiagram ?

Not enough…

It looks like this is the fate of many development projets. I sympathise…

Sorry, I shouldn’t have been flippant.
Is there any manner in which we are not providing superior products and services?
I think we’re the best, but we are always listening for ways to get even better.

Well, I did not mean to imply any feeling there was a problem, we were just wondering.

As for the quality of your product, you already know my main complaint concerns the documentation, but thanks to this forum and the help you provide quite diligently there, it becomes quite manageable.

The Docs for GoDiagram “work” as a good entry point to seeing what Go can do. My own experience is that puting in some minimal “sweat” time reviewing Go’s well defined objects and inheritance paths (starting from GoObject) plus reviewing the examples… especially demo one makes for the best and most efficient learning tool.
GoDiagram is not the easiest thing to learn… but once learned… everything makes sense and you see an extroadinarily well thought object architecture to work with. When this happens not only are you in the express lane but programming with GoDiagram objects can be (I hate to say it) fun!