Put a Shape in group like a port


I’m trying to achive something like this.
I have a group, and i whant to put a Shape on the border of a group. I can see its done by using ports, but what if I actually dont need a port, but need a shape.

this is from BPMN projects → group + port

this is how its looks like when node using panel

So I want to achive same thing like node with panel but for group.
Any suggestions?


You could do exactly the same thing. Every Group is also a Node. You just have to use a “Spot” Panel where the main element is that Panel holding the colored body and the Placeholder.

Hi Walter!

Actually I was doing same thing with Group, as I did for Node, apparenty there was an issue with type of main Panel of Group.
Eventyally I managed to achieve what i needed, but there is another issue poped up.
Small one, but still an issue.


on isSelected change for group node, i’m changing the strokeWidth, and the orange icon is shifted a bit + go-debug sents warnings that position of group-node (name of Group element) is changed without transaction.

Do you have any ideas Walter?

Well, you could make those changes that you perform in your selectionChanged event handler within a transaction. That would avoid the warning messages.

Or is there some other problem that you are having?

thanks walter, helpfull as always.