Question about Diagram on top of a Diagram

Let’s say I have a diagram using a GraphLinksModel. What I’d like is behavior to be triggered on let’s say a mouse over onto one of the nodes. On this trigger, another diagram, this time a collapsible tree diagram is created above the existing diagram, with which the user can interact separately. Let’s say this is for showing details in a structured way about the data that the node represents.

Is this a recommended GoJS approach to doing this?

Absent another suggestion, I feel like my only choice is to open a modal dialog on mouse over with a completely new diagram and a tree layout.

Any input would be appreciated.



Yes, I would implement that by using a separate DIV hosting a second Diagram. That also gives you the ability to scroll and zoom that Diagram independently of the main Diagram.

I don’t know if it really needs to be modal or not – your choice.