Question About GoView.Document.FindNode Method

Hi Guys,

I have a question about the Goview.document.findnode method to locate nodes in my goview. I’m using the new V3.0 of Go.

I’m using the findnode method with the signature:
FindNode(string, false, true, true) - I want to match the entire string, ignore case, and search inside of subgraphs.

According to my read of the documentation, FindNode should find ANY node that implements the iGoLabeledPart interface, regardless of whether the node is a top-level node or not. Is this correct?

My reason for asking is that I have non top-level nodes that have the text property implemented but the text property is not being fired for these nodes when findnode is called. Is this expected behavior?


R. Houston

FindNode will recursively call into any GoObject that is a GoSubGraphBase if insidesubgraph=true.