Question about the possibilities of using the database

Can we use Nosql database to create graphs with Gojs .

If so what can we use json formats .

Yes, as long as you can produce Arrays of node data objects, and optionally Arrays of link data objects if you are using a GraphLinksModel, that will work.

If your property values are JSON-serializable, you can use Model.toJson and Model.fromJson. But you can use other mechanisms to persist Arrays of JavaScript Objects.

Thank you very much for your help. I have another question concerning the accordion menu. I would like to put the left elements of the graph below in a menu. How could I proceed.

Have you seen the Planogram sample, Planogram ? That demonstrates how to use an Accordion HTML jQuery component.

Yes I saw this sample. But I have difficulty manage to adapt it to my case.
I first created the div for the palettes. After having included the jquery libraries. Then we defined the contents of the palettes.