Question: Using OpenLayers with GOJS?

There is an example code to integrate Go.js with leaflet :

But for some reason, I rather use OpenLayers. But I don’t know how to do that and I couldn’t find anything on web.

What I want to do exactly?
I need to have a map, and the user must be able to put some nodes on the map at specific locations and link them together.
For example there is a server in the the city ‘A’, and there are clients in the city ‘B’, and the city ‘C’.
The user must be able to draw a link from these nodes to each other and these links must have the functionality to automatically go around each other to avoid overlap in case there are too many links in a small area and Go.js gives me just that. But I need OpenLayers just behind it to have the map, and I also use it’s drawing tools to be able to draw vectors as well for some other purpose. I know it sounds weird but this is the functionality that I have to implement. I hope it’s clear what I want and why do I want it.

So can I use OpenLayers and Gojs on top of each other?
Can someone here help?

Sorry, we have no experience with OpenLayers.

Thanks bro,
I’ll leave this hoping it might help someone:

Thanks for that link!