RaisePropertyChange for Getter Property

how do I call RaisePropertyChange for a Calculated Value?

For example FullName has only Getter and RaisePropertyChange is Raised in Setter of FirstName and LastName.

And is there a way to make something like OnPropertyChanged(null) to say “update all properties”?

Is there a reason you cannot call RaisePropertyChanged("FullName", ...) in the property setters of FirstName and LastName?

I don’t know the answer to your other question. I’d be concerned that state would be lost in the UndoManager.

Thank you Walter,
surely I can do this - but since it’s only a Getter what does the UndoManager do with the oldValue?

And the other question:
Ok, I understand this - if I do so all changes where lost for the UndoManager.

    public String FullName {
      get { return this.FirstName + " " + this.LastName; }

    public String FirstName {
      get { return _FirstName; }
      set {
        if (_FirstName != value) {
          String old = _FirstName;
          String oldfull = this.FullName;
          _FirstName = value;
          RaisePropertyChanged("FirstName", old, value);
          RaisePropertyChanged("FullName", oldfull, this.FullName);
    private String _FirstName = "";

And the same for LastName, of course.

Caution: I haven’t tried this to make sure it works in all of the situations that you might care about.