RE:Object Insert

Hai all,

I am using web based planogram tool. when i insert a object(note/balloon note) into goview, the inserted object not selcted(covered in red color) defaultly. i want the particular object to be selected after inserting the object in the goview.
thanks in advance

GoObjects dragged (copied) from a GoPalette into a GoView do get selected in the destination GoView.

You can see this in Demo1 on


Ya i want the product selection in the destination. The demo let
me show the product selection when i click the inserted products. But here my senario is the inserted product to be selected without the user click.
Thanks in advance

Probably because 2 weeks ago you were asking us how to clear the selection after the drop.

s jake. but my requirement have changed, so i can ask you now

so just undo what we told you to do 2 weeks ago.

sure jake. i want the particular inserted object should be selected by using “insert” button to insert the object in the goview.

In the InsertButton_Click, the AddCopy returns a GoObject.
GoObject newObject = (... AddCopy ...)


Thank u. now its working