Recalculate Stroke

When I run autoLayout on jgo diagrams, the links “know” to bypass nodes in their way, and not to go across them.
The thing is, that when the user drags a node, the link does not do the same calculation it does when the autoLayout runs and it pass through the nodes in its way.
How can I cause the link to recalculate itself in order not to cross nodes in its way?

If the links are Orthogonal, you can also set AvoidsNodes to true. But the algorithms are quite independent of and different from each other, so the routes taken will be quite different.

I need exactly the avoid nodes functionality but in the Direct mode.
The links “know” to avoid nodes in a Direct mode when aoutolayout is running. Meaning, the code exists somewhere, but where?

That’s part of what the layered-digraph autolayout does. It uses “dummy” nodes in each layer to make sure links are routed through the layer without crossing over the center of any real node.
Would changing the JGoLink’s AdjustingStyle help?

I have tried all GoLink’s adjusting styles with no success.
I need the stroke to recalculate itself on the fly like the orthogonal link does when user drags one of its ports, in order to avoid nodes in the link way.

I believe you are going to need to write this yourself.
You’ll need to override JGoLink.calculateStroke to figure out a path. Presumably you know about where the layers are, so you can find points that are between the nodes within a layer.
If you want, you could even use JGoDocument.isUnoccupied, which accesses the same table of rectangles occupied by avoidable objects.