Record Mapper


I want to add buttons to the example Record Mapper on the right of specific row(the rows that have links) so that if i click on the button will hide and show the sub parts of the flow. Is that possible?


It sounds like you want to add a “Button” to the Panel.itemTemplate which defines the representation and behavior of each “row”.

I don’t know what you want the “Button” click event handler to do, but basically you want to start a transaction, change the visible property of some connected Nodes and Links, and then complete the transaction.

thank you, Walter. Also, do you know any methods like insertArrayItem that could actually functioning as changing the visible property for certain rows of record mapper?


You could bind the Panel.visible property to some property on your data.

yes, but I want to change those properties after
initialization, is it possible?


Of course – just call Model.setDataProperty as you would with any other data property.

Could you please reply here instead of sending me mail via the forum?

sorry about that, i’m currently using my email.

The setDataProperty actually contains (data, propname, val), how can i reach the data for specific row, say, if i’m gonna type this method via the inspect->console, how can i put the value for data if i’m gonna set the left side the 3rd row in record mapper example table?

Thank you again!


The data object would be the third item of the Array in your node’s data.

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