Relink question

I would like to reconnect the link to another node that I want.
If you grab the end of the link and go to another node, the node is not activated.
fromLinkable, toLinkable : true made the settings
Can you tell me why I can’t connect to another node when I relink?

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Did you set or bind fromLinkable and toLinkable on each port – each element whose GraphObject.portId has been set or bound to a string, or on the whole node if there are no such elements?

I set fromLinkable and toLinkable to true.
Binding new go.Binding(“fill”, “color”)), do you do it this way?
I referenced the gojs/basic.html sample, but it didn’t solve the problem of not connecting to another node.

You set fromLinkable and toLinkable on a GraphObject that is not a port, so those port-related properties have no effect. You either need to move those property settings to an object that is a port (or the whole node), or you need to declare that that Shape is a port by setting or binding its portId property to a unique string within the node.

Please read

I don’t think I understood correctly, so I’m asking again.

linkTemplate, groupTemplate, groupTemplatemap nodeTemplate
I uploaded the implemented part.

Because you did not post any code but just a screenshot of your code, I cannot quote your code.

I think what I wrote is a fairly precise explanation of the problem. If there is something about it that you do not understand, I would be happy to explain it, but you need to tell me exactly what the misunderstanding is.