Relinking behaviour


I have a node (named A) located in a Group.
I create a new link from node A to a node B which is located outside of the Group.
Now i collapse the Group.
If i try to change the existing link to point to another node C which is located outside of the Group, the operation is not valid ! But works as soon as i expand the Group.

Seems that this behaviour is intentional, but why did you opted for it ?

Thank you,


You appear to be correct, but I don’t have an explanation right now. We’re out for Thanksgiving… I’ll look at this on Monday.

Have you made any investigation ?

I’ve worked every waking moment since … ah … no, sorry, I forgot to come back to this. On my list now.

Any new news related to this problem ?

I did spend a day looking into it, and decided there was no trivial and safe fix. Still on my to-do list, but to be honest… a long was from the top.