Relinking tool does not respect temporaryLink.routing property

I have a diagram with this LinkTemplate:

                    routing: go.Link.AvoidsNodes,
                    curve: go.Link.JumpGap,

My temporary link is customized thus:

       // Style the temporary links shown when creating a link between nodes.
        for (let linkTool of [myDiagram.toolManager.linkingTool, myDiagram.toolManager.relinkingTool]) {
            // Temporary links used by LinkingTool and RelinkingTool are straight lines:
            linkTool.temporaryLink.routing = go.Link.Normal;
            linkTool.temporaryLink.curve = go.Link.Normal;
            linkTool.temporaryLink.path.stroke = 'white';
            linkTool.temporaryLink.path.strokeWidth = 2;
            linkTool.portGravity = 50;

The behavior I get is that new temporary links are styled as straight (angled) vectors, but when re-linking I get an orthogonally routed line that has only horizontal and vertical extents. Is there a problem with the relinking tool? Am I using it incorrectly?

Thank you.

The difference is that by default the RelinkingTool actively adapts the RelinkingTool.temporaryLink to be like the RelinkingTool.originalLink when that tool is activated. So basically the temporary link acts like the real link that is being relinked, even though such links can be quite different from one another.

It does that adaptation in the RelinkingTool.copyLinkProperties method, which you can override to make the temporary link look/behave like whatever you want.

FYI, there is also a LinkingBaseTool.copyPortProperties too. That also affects the behavior of the temporary link, just as real ports do to real links.