Remove a link but keep node

This is how my diagram looks for now. I need to make it so things are more grouped together.
It’s ok just to drag things one under another but then the links go right through nodes. So i want to be able to delete a link but keep the node at its spot. Can this be done, if not what would you suggest to make things more grouped so there won’t be as much space. For example the middle green eelement on the 2nd level has one orange and 5 black sub elements, can i make it so the small grey elements group together and the big on stays at its spot?

Thanks in advance!!


TreeLayout has a lot of options for controlling how the layout happens, and one can override its methods for further customization. Take a look at the sample to play with most of the properties.

I’m not sure I understand your intent. Maybe you want to do a TreeLayout like that used by ? (Ignore the non-tree-structured links in that sample.)

The tree layout properties helped me a lot, thanks Walker!