RemovedObject hint for child nodes?

I have a node class called ActionItemNode that contains a series of
child nodes of type AnimationNode. I can select either my ActionItem
node or each AnimationNode individually.

I am able to detect the deletion of my ActionItemNode through the DocumentChanged event with the GoLayer.RemovedObject subhint.

However, I can’t find a way to detect when users delete the child
AnimationNodes. The AnimationNode does get deleted, but I need to
handle the change to update my underlying data.

The only hints I receive after users delete child nodes is
ObjectChanged which is too general for me to tell if it was caused by a
delete operation.


Check for the GoObject.ObjectChanged hint with the GoGroup.RemovedObject subhint. Of course such hints will happen even if you make programmatic removals of objects in your node.
Or I suppose you could get that information in a GoView.SelectionDeleting event handler. That will just happen when the user deletes the selection.