Representation of croosing point of two GoLinks


I want to put a GoIconicNode with same screen backgroun colour on GoLink, when GoLink crosses another already placed GoLink.
Or can i place an arc on first GoLink at croosing point of second GoLink?
So that it seems that both are not crossing each other.

From the User Guide:

An additional option, when Orthogonal is true, is to set the Style to GoStrokeStyle.RoundedLineWithJumpOvers. This screen shot was taken from the Processor sample application:
This is case with orthogonal link.
But if links are crossing at some angle not at 90 degree.
My case:
One link is horizontal always. But if another link crosses horizontal link at any angle, it should draw a round line curve at crossing point & continue forward.
Plesae tell me is it possible & how?

Sorry, we only support JumpOvers with Orthogonal links.