Requirement for Go shapes transformation

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I have requirement to apply various transformations to the shape. For example, I need to draw a rounded rectangle. The inputs I have are default parameters for the rounded rectangle (i.e. position, size, corner etc.) and then transformation I need to apply to this rectangle (i.e. scale, translate, rotate and matrix).

I can draw a rounded rectangle based on the given parameters, but I'm unable to apply transformation to this rectangle before or after it is rendered.

Can you please suggest if GoDiagram has any in built support for such transformation? If not, can you suggest any workaround of point to any samples?

p.s. I'm using GoDiagram Win 4.0.0



Scale: change Size
Translate: change Location

Scale and Translate: change Bounds

Rotate: GoDrawing has Rotate(PointF rotatePoint, float angle)

Note that GoRoundedRectangle is not a GoDrawing. But there is a predefined GoFigure.RoundedRectangle for GoDrawing.