Rescaling problem

I have a JGoText and a tree built with a collection of JGoLabeledLinks

and JGoTextNodes.
JGoText Node A ---------> Node B
I apply the following to scale the tree to fit the view:
private void rescaleToFit(){
double newscale = 1;
if (!getDocument().isEmpty()){
double extentWidth = getExtentSize().width;
double printWidth = getPrintDocumentSize().width;
double extentHeight = getExtentSize().height;
double printHeight = getPrintDocumentSize().height;
newscale = Math.min((extentWidth / printWidth),(extentHeight / printHeight));
newscale *= getScale();
if (newscale > 1)
newscale = 1;
setViewPosition(0, 0);
I dont want the JGoText to be rescaled. I want the JGoText to appear
at its original location and size. Any suggestions?

Instead of changing the JGoView’s Scale, you should change the size of each node.

I assume you realize that this is quite different from "rescaleToFit", since changing the sizes of nodes, and not changing their positions or the scale of the view, will mean that some or all nodes might remain scrolled off somewhere, unseen in the view.