Resizable TablePanel with initial size

I have some resizable TablePanel with different height, depending of the number of columns.

I’d like these panels to have a maximal height when the graph is displayed, but let the user resize them across this height when they resize panel.

Is there an easy way to do it ? Shoud i implement some layout that would set the height of every objects ?

Could you show a few sketches for how it would behave when resized?

Basically, you have some tables like the ones in the screenshots. Resizing is working, but i had like these
tables to have the same height (say 160px) when the diagram is displayed ( and then the user can resize them to see hidden columns).

I think i need to implement some layout that set the height of the table ?

Oh sorry… i found a simple way… i just have to set the desired size of the vertical panel to the good height