Resize Comment from Demo1 - handles don't

The Comment class from Demo1 is a nice comment but it can’t be resized by merely doing aComment.setResizable(true);
This makes the handles ok, but dragging them to resize doesn’t stick. The Comment snaps back to its original size. The size only changes if you edit the text in the label.


  • Position all the parts of the area relative to the text label.
  • Leave room for the JGo3DNoteRect decorations.
    public void layoutChildren(JGoObject childchanged) …

of the Comment class can be used to change the size but it isn’t
called when the handles are dragged. So, what exactly do you
have to do to make the Comment resizable by dragging the handles?

I have already added that functionality in the version of Comment that is available in the latest 5.2 beta, which I think you now have.

Ah ha - so you did. I had incorporated the source file into my app from the 5.1 release. I just had to get the 5.2 version and now it works great - thanks.