Resize GoView


I need to resize GoView after the first postback, because after Postback I know the screen size.
My attempts to resize GoView (GoView1.Height = 500) after the first postback show no Result. Setting GoView1.Height.Value = 500 or GoView1.Height = Unit.Pixel(500) result in nothing too.
Resizing in GoView.SessionStarted event (GoView1.Height = 800) work fine.
What am I doing wrong?

See the Classier sample, it does this.


I want to resize the GoView control not some nodes, sorry

Right… the Classier sample resizes the GoView to the size of the browser on the first paint.

Well, I found my solution. I have to change the size within any event, than it works fine.

Thank you

oh, yes, Jake, I found it now, it’s in aspx file

here’s another entry