Resize of Port (GoBasicNode)

I’m getting a behavior out of a simple GoBasicNode where when I set the size (i.e Node.Size = new SizeF(100.0f, 100.0f);) the port “grows” with the node. This only happens when I set the Size programmatically. If I do this through the user interface using the selection handles, the port size stays the same?
What I want is to be able to set the Size property on my GoBasicNode, have the shape (circle) in this case increase, and leave the port in the middle of the node the same size. If possible, I would like to be able to independently size the port? Thanks for any help.

GoBasicNode Node = new GoBasicNode();
Node.Resizable = true;
Node.Size = new SizeF(100.0f, 100.0f); //Causes Port To "Grow"

Well, if you want just the shape (circle) to change size, you should change the size of the shape (circle), not the size of the whole node.
node.Shape.Size = new SizeF(100, 100);

Thank you very much. I missed the fact that I was sizing the Node and not the shape. That solved my immediate problem. Is there a simple way to control the size of the “port” inside my GoBasicNode. I’m not sure how to reference it?

node.Port.Size = new SizeF(4, 4);
Also, as with all of the predefined node classes, you may want to put such initialization or customization code in the definition of your custom node class rather than in some random place, such as whereever you want to create a new node. Sometimes people casually put such code in event handlers on a Form. That’s OK for simple projects, but for more complicated applications, it’s better to keep such code together.
In these two cases you could override CreateShape and CreatePort, respectively, to call the base method and then do additional initialization such as setting the Size.

Thanks again for the help. At the rate I’m going I’ll be a newbie for some time…