Resizing of GoControl


I have a ListView hosted in a GoControl hosted in a GoNode. Thank you for the tree sample from which this is derived, it is working out well and will be quite useful. I’d like to be able to resize this node from one edge only, and not display resize handles (think task bar). Can this feature be implemented easily? I have been experimenting with the resizing tool but with no luck so far.
Also, an oddity is that if the node is not assigned a background, it is difficult to select and cannot be resized. If it is assigned a background GoRectangle, then the first time the node is dragged, it duplicates, as if there is one node on top of another. I can’t wrap my brain around what is happening window-wise, can you offer a hint?


Please ignore second part of post, I was of course creating two controls.


Take a look at the LimitedNode example class, which customizes the resize handles that are created. You can specify GoHandle.Style to be GoHandleStyle.None, so that nothing is drawn, but the handle is still active. I suppose you’ll want to make the handle really tall and thin.