ResizingTool : How to preserve aspect ratio?

One way I found to achieve this is by overwriting the ResizingTool computeResize method

        newPoint: go.Point,
        spot: go.Spot,
        min: go.Size,
        max: go.Size,
        cell: go.Size,
        reshape: boolean // ignore this ?
    ): go.Rect {
        // Get the Node data
        const blockData = as Block;
       // Preserve aspect ratio ?
        const lockAspectRatio = !getAspectRationByCategory(blockData.category);
        return super.computeResize(newPoint, spot, min, max, cell, lockAspectRatio);

However I am not sure if this is the best way to achieve this. I know that the computeResize returns a reshape boolean. But I am not sure how can I set it and where ? (Since I don’t think it’s always true)

For some group (template), I want to lock the aspect ratio. Is it possible to achieve this just by turning a boolean off/on in the Template ? Is there any other way without overwiting the ResizingTool.

The documentation describes the possibilities: ResizingTool | GoJS API

So if you want to always disallow changing the aspect ratio, just use the override provided in the documentation.