Restrict Position of Diagram Panel

I am trying to restrict diagram bounds and position to positive quadrant only.

There are properties like , Panel.FixedBounds to restrict diagram bounds and MinLocation Property for a Node.

After setting these properties to 0,0.. am still able to scroll into negative quadrant, because Diagram.Panel.Position can still be set to negative values.

Is there any way to restrict panel position??

Does anybody know how to restrict nodes/diagram movement to positive quadrant only?

I am using Go-Xam for WPF version

Have you set Diagram.HorizontalContentAlignment=“Left” and VerticalContentAlignment=“Top”? If I do that with a random sample app (I used DraggableLink) and also set Diagram.Panel.FixedBounds to be new Rect(0, 0, …, …), as the user I cannot scroll past the origin to show anything at negative coordinates, even after moving some nodes to negative coordinates. The Overview does not allow me to scroll the main Diagram to show negative coordinates either.

You may also want to set Diagram.Padding=“0”, although that is not directly a related issue.