Retrieve selected value

I have a GoText initialized as follows: (the Demo1.RecordNode modified to allow the user to choose from a list)

ArrayList list = new ArrayList();
list.Add(new Lookup(1, “one”));
list.Add(new Lookup(2, “two”));

gotext.Editable = true;
gotext.EditorStyle = GoTextEditorStyle.ComboBox;
gotext.DropDownList = true;
gotext.Choices = list;

the lookup class looks like this:
class Lookup
public Lookup(int id, string desc)
{ id; this.desc = desc; }
public override string ToString()
{ return this.desc; }

How do i retrieve the id of the selected lookup object ?
Any pointers greatly appreciated.

You could just search the GoText.Choices array. Presumably the strings would be unique. (If they weren’t, that might be confusing for the user.)
Or you could subclass GoText and use your own ComboBox-inheriting control.