I am asking for a view on how people have used RightToLeft text with GoDiagram. We are developing a multi-language application on the web that uses “LOTS” of localisation. Everything we can mostly do ourselves apart from the right to Left reading of text. I have been looking through the GoWeb Docs and it says you can set the GoViews Right to left propoerty which then inturn will adjust the GoTexts posisiton of the text. Is this true, as I see no mention in the GoView that it supports RightToLeft.


RightToLeft is a Windows Forms Control property, not a Web Forms WebControl property.


Ah, Okay, it is just that it is mentioned in the documentation.
Does it mean that I have to go through each text object and directly set the right to left properties, or does it not even exist anymore?


Hmm, I suppose the documentation should say that because there is no GoView.RightToLeft property in Web Forms or on the PocketPC (the Control classes don’t support that property), the value of GoText.RightToLeftFromView is effectively false on those platforms.
Each GoText object has its own RightToLeft property because we wanted to allow mixed text directions in a single GoView.
But this discussion points out how having a GoView.RightToLeft property in Web and Pocket would be a convenient way of specifying the default text direction.